The Reality of God (eBook)

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Does God Exist? Which is true? Evolution, or creation,  . . . or both?
Are we no more than a momentary, meaningless collision of molecules? Or do we owe our existence to a Creator, Who has willed us (and everything else) into being, and Who has a plan and purpose for our lives?
The Reality of God addresses these all-important questions by providing an introductory overview of key scientific evidence, philosophical reasons, and insights drawn from human nature demonstrating God’s existence. This scientific and human evidence of God’s existence is clearly and concisely presented in plain language—no Ph.D. required!
In simple, accessible language—and well-supported by scientific experts—Steven Hemler guides the reader through the most compelling evidence for the existence of God and shows how natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics, far from disproving religious belief, suggest and reveal the existence of a Creator at every turn.
Explore the Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God
Catholics and others seeking sound reasons, credible science, and faithful theology supporting belief in God will cherish this easy-to-read book. The Reality of God provides:
·         an opportunity to address doubts about God’s existence
·         persuasive reasons for belief
·         the argument that faith and reason are not incompatible
·         answers on evolution vs. creation
In The Reality of God, Steven Hemler puts forth in layman’s terms how
science and the natural world point to God’s existence.

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