A Man Cleansed by God (eBook)

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The story of St. Patrick's life is a dynamic tale of high drama and intense spiritual force. A generation ago, the American Catholic novelist John Edward Beahn retold that story as a biographical novel based on The Confession, Patrick's famous autobiographical work. A Man Cleansed by God: A Novel on St. Patrick's Confession was published in 1959, a vivid narrative with intriguing speculations about the details of Patrick's experience that have been lost to history.

St. Patrick's life was a series of heroic adventures: Captured as a young teen by pirates and taken from his comfortable life in ancient Roman Britain, he was sold as a slave in Ireland. Six years later he escaped, and after a long, arduous journey, he returned to his family—only to receive a call from God to go back to Ireland as a Christian missionary.

Trained and ordained as a priest, and ultimately consecrated a bishop, he returned at last to Ireland. There, his bold preaching brought many thousands into the Christian fold and led to the establishment of numerous churches and religious communities.

Yet even with such remarkable success, Patrick faced stiff opposition and persecution: He had to defend himself against the intrigues and false charges of both religious and political enemies, who on one occasion even went so far as to rob him of all he possessed, beat him severely, and put him in chains.

A second generation of readers are sure to be delighted by this TAN Legend edition of A Man Cleansed by God: A Novel Based on the Life of St. Patrick, an unforgettable portrait of the fifth-century saint who changed Ireland forever.

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