Thoughts & Sayings of Saint Margaret Mary (eBook)

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"Our heart is too small to contain two loves; being made only for divine love, it finds no rest in any other."

Filled with such wisdom, the Thoughts and Sayings of St. Margaret Mary—short quotes extracted from the 3-volume Life and Writings of St. Margaret Mary—is a gem that will become one of the reader's all-time favorite Catholic books. Far from being a mamby-pamby, sweet and simple person, St. Margaret Mary displays in these short sayings that she was an intrepid and redoubtable soul, filled not only with total love of God, but also with absolute courage and constancy—as well as with the greatest humility and complete maturity in the spiritual realm.

When a great saint speaks, there is wisdom for everyone. No reader of these thoughts will remain unprovoked or unchallenged—there is something in here for literally everyone! She is especially penetrating on devotion to the Sacred Heart, but she also manifests a world of Catholic wisdom on a host of other topics. The reader will peruse these pages with great profit and interest and will refer to them again and again!

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