Parenting for Eternity (eBook)

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Dear Parent, 

A trillion years from now, your child will be either in Heaven or in Hell. And this is only the beginning of eternity. 

In light of this eternal perspective, the time is now, Dear Parent, to raise your child to live entirely for Christ and His Church. The time is now to train your child in the Four Last Things, the spiritual life, the virtues of piety and humility, and the school of Calvary while shielding him from the errors of modernism, Protestantism, and much more. 

Unlike most parenting books which focus exclusively on the body and this fleeting world, this short work focuses upon your child’s eternal soul. In these pages, you will be challenged to see the eternal consequence of every single parental act—acts of commission and acts of omission. 

The Lord has said unto you, it is better that you have a millstone hung around your neck and that you be cast into the depths of the sea than for you, Dear Parent, to lead your little one astray (Mk 9:41).

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2 Reviews

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    An insightful book for parents

    Posted by Haley K. on Mar 18th 2023

    This book was helpful in focusing on not just the body of children and burying that, but their souls as well. So important!

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    Helping With The Most Important Thing There Is

    Posted by Stephen K. on Aug 22nd 2022

    Very powerful little book. The world has successfully distorted the truth and distracted most of us from understanding whats most important, our eternal salvation. And as parents, the formation and salvation of our children. Trying to live in this world, and guide your children without understanding the reality of the battle, is too risky. Just going through the motions, but not living the faith, is a recipe for disaster. Conor Gallaghers book was extremely powerful and a much needed call to armsù in our current world. As a father whos not always been the best example, it was sometimes painful to read but impossible to put down. It draws on many excellent resources and provides a clear game plan, leveraging the depth, beauty, and truth of our Catholic faith. It is extensively foot noted, and has some very helpful prayers in the appendix. If you know a young couple planning to marry, or those just starting a family, get them this book. If you have children, buy this book. The vocation of parents is one of the most important we will have. There isnt anything more important than the salvation of souls, this book makes that truth very, very clear. Thank you Conor, thank you Tan Books.