Saint Dominic: Preacher of the Rosary and Founder of the Dominican Order (eBook)

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Learn the entire life of one of the greatest saints the Church has ever seen, St. Dominic, at the feet of the “The Storyteller of the Saints!”

In this book, the many wonders that St. Dominic worked throughout his life are told in way that is perfect for children. They will love to hear of his many adventures, defeating the Albigensian heresy, raising people from the dead, working countless miracles, triumphing over the Devil, and founding the Dominican order. Most of all, they will be captivated by the beautiful account of St. Dominic’s gift from the Blessed Virgin: the Holy Rosary. Through the life of St. Dominic, you and your children will understand what it means to answer the call of God wholeheartedly. 

Mary Fabyan Windeatt, known as the “Storyteller of the Saints”, wrote 20 works on the saints in the mid-20th century. Windeatt’s intention and style retells the lives of the saints in a historically rooted and creative manner that makes the saints more personable and relatable, serving as inspiration and models for children who hear these wonderful stories. In this engaging retelling of the story of St. Dominic and the origin of the Rosary, your child will see the importance of listening to the call of God. 

Ideal for all children, whether read by them or aloud to them, the lessons of this book are applicable and relatable to all ages. If your child is enrolled in TAN Academy, this book is an excellent option for easy-reading literature for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. 

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