Colors of Creation (eBook)

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The splendor of God’s world comes alive in this simple retelling of the biblical creation story for young children. As a master Artist, God paints the new canvas of earth and sky, beginning with the black of silent, empty space, then adding color after color with the creation of stars, oceans, land, plants, animals, and all the rest.
Colors of Creation will help your child see the world all around in a new light—as the beautiful handiwork of a loving Creator. Each color displayed is yet another reflection of His glory and another pleasure to enjoy. In the end, God’s masterpiece on earth is revealed in the people He creates, who can work and play, love and pray—and who come in every hue.
Bestselling author Paul Thigpen tells the story in lively verse, with whimsical illustrations by artist John Folley that your little one will long remember.

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