The Marvels of Creation (eBook)

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The Venerable Louis of Granada was adored by St. Francis de Sales, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Teresa of God, and many others. He is truly a teacher of the spiritual masters. 
In Marvels of Creation, this holy Dominican writes beautifully and profoundly, so that we might see the wonders that God has put in plain sight and give glory to Him for them. Here is great spiritual fruit that has nourished the greatest saints for centuries and now will sustain you in prayerful reflection and wonder of all that God created in His perfect and awesome design.
With this updated and annotated edition, you can discover what the great saints have known: that we are to wonder and praise all things, great and small, which our creator God has placed in the world of us…and that Venerable Louis of Granada is a spiritual guide unlike any other.

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