Epic! The Story of Jesus’s Holy Catholic Church (eBook)

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What does it mean to be a part of something EPIC? Our Catholic Church established by Jesus is wonderfully epic, spanning centuries and continents.

From taking care of our sick brothers and sisters to reading Scripture together, Jesus’ Catholic Church acts like a family because it is a family. This book is a wonderful way to share with children that they, too, are part of the family of believers. Adults and children can enjoy this book together, knowing that you always have a home in the Catholic Church.

So, share the glorious story of the Church, past and present, with the children that you love and instill in them, from their earliest years, a love and appreciation for the Bride of Christ. Too many Catholics today know only the negative news about the Church that has so dominated the headlines in a world gone mad. Share the good news found in Epic! so that you and your loved ones are always ready with a reason for the hope and joy you experience as a Catholic.

Tom Peterson
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