How to Be Happy, How to Be Holy (MP3 Audio Download)

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Everyone wants to be happy. While not everyone wants to be holy, we all should—especially because this is the surest way to become happy. Christ Himself gave us very clear directions on how to be happy when He sat down and pronounced the Beatitudes. Since then, all the Saints have sought to follow the advice of their Divine Creator and Redeemer in the way of true joy.

In How to Be Happy; How to Be Holy, mainstay author Fr. Paul O'Sullivan offers guidance on how to achieve both sanctity and happiness, showing how the two go hand in hand. Providing lovely anecdotes from the lives of the Saints, Fr. O'Sullivan shows us in a warm, encouraging, and inspiring way the importance of prayer and the ease with which we can all derive great benefits therefrom. While not yet Saints ourselves, we will surely make it there following the advice of this little book. Among the contents are expositions on all the major prayers (and some lesser-known ones), explanations of the Mass, meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary, and more. This book is a pocket method for approaching heaven and thus true happiness.

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