My Name is Philomena: A Saint's Story

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For centuries, the story of Saint Philomena was hidden away in the darkness of the ancient catacombs of Rome. Only in recent years has her story finally come to light! In this book, the Virgin-Martyr herself shares the splendid account of her short life: from the first moment she fell in love with God to her final moment on earth, when she laid down her life for Him. Join the Greek princess Philomena as her dangerous and breathtaking story unfolds. Bear witness to how this young “daughter of light” defeated the forces of darkness and inherited the extraordinary title “Powerful with God.”



Fr. Peregrine Fletcher, OPraem
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22 Reviews

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    Moving portrayal of the life of a beautiful saint

    Posted by Melissa on Jan 11th 2024

    This book is well-written and beautiful. It is a great read-aloud for the whole family, and the pictures are so captivating the littles love to just sit and browse. I bought this book months ago on a pre-buy. Since then, I have encouraged others to do the same and have given it to my goddaughter as well. St. Philomena has made herself known to our family in special ways and I love that a book came out to help me share her story with my younger audience. I lost my father this past year and that has taught me that grief has many side-effects. All bring a level of suffering, some small, some seem unbearable. Though it is not necessarily the intention of this book, each page can, in my experience, be used independently as a meditation. They have helped me unite my hurting heart with that of Our dear Lord, and also find a close friend in one who suffered so great for love of Him. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection and maybe getting extras for Easter gifts or Christmas, or birthdays, sacraments or sacrament anniversaries! Lots of excuses to gift this treasure.

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    My name is Philomena

    Posted by Verónica Raygoza on Sep 8th 2023

    It is a beautiful book! The drawings are very well done, the material seems to be of good quality and I like it for its hard sheets to protect from younger children. I wanted to share the story of this Saint with all my children and for them to see something with their own eyes. Only her martyrdom is not complete. Since she was finally beheaded and some more details. I told my children that later because it is not mentioned in this story. But I considered it important because of the size of this saint and the miracles she has done and continues to do in the Church, her example of love for chastity and purity but above all the courage that God is first before even her life, he turned his back on honor, power, pleasure and possession. This is a very important example for the times that are approaching for all of us Catholics.

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    Beautiful book

    Posted by Sue McGrath on Aug 28th 2023

    My purchase was a gift. Recipient’s are enjoying the book!

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    A true Masterpiece!

    Posted by Teresa on Aug 21st 2023

    Thank you, Father Peregrine Fletcher! My 4 year old, 2 year old, and I love your book about St Philomena. I cannot get through it without getting choked up. It is such a treasure in our home! Thank you, I believe the Holy Ghost will use your book to inspire a great many holy vocations in the hearts of children everywhere.

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    Every home should have this book!

    Posted by Heather Vento on Aug 8th 2023

    It's rare to find a book that the all of my children enjoy reading, from ages 6 to 15, but this one captivated each child! The illustrations are gorgeous and the rhyming prose allowed the children to slow down and cherish each word, each page. The girl depicted here is of great courage and her story is miraculous! Thank you, Fr. Peregrine for writing something so true, good and beautiful! Every Catholic family should have a copy of this book. I will turn to Philomena much more often as a friend in faith, requesting her prayers and growing as I reflect more on her courage.

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    Posted by April S on Aug 8th 2023

    This is a beautiful story of St. Philomena told from her point of view. I’m this book we learn about her love of God from an early age. Born a princess, she was raised with wealth and status. The one thing that mattered to her, the only thing, was her love for God. Philomena wanted nothing more than to live for and please our Lord. Through her eyes, we see the attempt to marry her to Diocletian and the results of her refusal. All of this as told through her eyes takes away the more violent aspect we might be more familiar with when it comes to her martyrdom. Fr. Peregrine Fletcher takes a story that would be hard for a child to read and makes it less scary, less violent, and fills it with beautiful illustrations. Children will learn an important story about sacrifice from St. Philomena’s perspective with the goal and focus of the story being on her true love, Jesus Christ. I love this story and the illustrations. To read a book about a saint that we don’t hear about often is such a treat and I am grateful to have received a copy. Thank you to Fr. Peregrine Fletcher and TAN Books for the copy of this book. All views are my honest opinion.

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    A Beautiful Way to Learn about Saint Philomena

    Posted by Kristen Curtis on Aug 4th 2023

    The illustrations in the book are breathtaking and help to bring Fr. Peregrine’s words to life. My children, myself and even my mother learned a great deal about Saint Philomena and it was a wonderful entertaining way to learn! Loved how the words flowed throughout the book and kept the reader and audience entertained the entire time.

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    Philomena: A Saint for our times!

    Posted by Avoiding Babylon on Aug 3rd 2023

    One of our hosts here at Avoiding Babylon named his newest daughter Philomena. We were lucky enough to review the wonderful Fr Peregrine Fletcher on this book. It is a wonderful telling of the story of this wonderworker saint and is a great story for all children in our times.

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    A captivating story for the whole family

    Posted by Rachel G on Aug 1st 2023

    An inspiring story about a saint my family and I weren’t familiar with. The life of St. Philomena, told through beautiful illustrations and lyrical prose, is a story we love sharing with our children. We would recommend this book to families looking to expand their knowledge of the saints, and find a role model on how faith and prayer can help during difficult times of our lives.