Saint Philomena: The Wonder-Worker (MP3 Audio Download)

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St. Philomena is perhaps the most extraordinary Saint in the history of the Catholic Church. When the relics of this 13-year-old virgin martyress were discovered in the Roman Catacombs in 1802, she became almost overnight one of the most popular saints in the Church, earning the nickname of "the Wonder-Worker" because of the countless remarkable favors that she sent to those who prayed to her. For a century and a half there was a worldwide Catholic devotion to St. Philomena, approved by many Popes. But amazingly, since the 1960s, she has been almost forgotten.

This little book by beloved TAN mainstay author Fr. Paul O'Sullivan gives the fascinating story of St. Philomena. Fr. O'Sullivan tells of her martyrdom, her miracles, her relics, her partnership with the Curé of Ars, and the great miracle involving Pauline Jaricot, as well as recounting many other true stories of "the dear Little Saint's" generous answers to those who invoke her.

God obviously wishes to give out His gifts and favors through the hands of St. Philomena, and it is His will that that we ask her for them. These pages will give new hope to all who need a special friend in Heaven to answer their prayers.

May this little book help to open up the floodgates of heavenly gifts so that once again this sweet young Saint will become known by that beautiful title: "Saint Philomena the Wonder-Worker!"

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