The Wonders of the Mass (MP3 Audio Download)

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The Holy Mass is the single greatest thing on Earth—and in Heaven. For the Eucharistic Sacrifice is the bridge between the two; it is the eternal self-oblation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Father, the same sacrifice of the God-Man as on Calvary, applied anew everywhere the Mass is prayed. The Mass unites us with God; it acts as a propitiatory sacrifice and brings God into our midst; it heals our soul and transforms us by God's grace; it offers the only satisfactory thanksgiving possible to give God, for it is God offering Himself to Himself; and far, far more—the wonders of the Mass are literally measureless.

Mainstay author Fr. Paul O'Sullivan offers in The Wonders of the Mass an astounding guide to the meaning and reality of the sacred liturgy, quoting the saints and Our Lord (via revelations to mystics). There is no capacity in which Fr. O'Sullivan fails to extol the Mass—for truly, because it is Jesus Himself present in the Sacrament, we may offer the same praise to the Mass as to God.

"The Mass is the greatest wonder in the world," says Fr. O'Sullivan, seconded only by "the next greatest wonder. . .the indifference and ignorance of Catholics regarding the Mass." Let The Wonders of the Mass teach you how limitless is the love of God for man in the holy liturgy.

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