The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure

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In The Blessed Eucharist, Father Michael Mueller describes how Christ's love for us moved Him to create this most beautiful Sacrament. He explains why Our Lord veils Himself in the appearance of bread—a garment so humble He is little known, little loved, even neglected and insulted.
Fr. Mueller helps the reader discover what a treasure the Sacrament is, sharing countless compelling accounts of miracles involving the Eucharist and quotations from Scripture and the Saints reflecting the virtues that can be obtained from Communion worthily received and the consequences of an unworthy reception of Our Lord. He instructs the reader on how to best prepare for receiving the Sacrament and how to properly offer thanksgiving afterwards.
The Blessed Eucharist awakens a deeper awareness of the incredible gift that God has given us in His Presence in the Eucharist, allowing us to embrace all the wondrous fruits this Sacrament has to offer.
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9 Reviews

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    The Blessed Eucharist

    Posted by Bonnie on Mar 6th 2024

    Absolutely amazing. As a person who is learning the Catholic faith at a later age this really opened my eyes and gave me so much hope. I am thankful to have this book to help me be a stronger person and understand the meaning of the Eucharist. Thank you?

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    The Blessed Eucharist by Fr Mueller

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 29th 2023

    This is a classic A great book on Eucharist

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    The Blessed Eucharist Our Greatest Treasure

    Posted by BRIDGET C. on Jan 8th 2023

    I havent read it yet, but looking over it, it seems to be an extraordinarily well written book. I am looking forward to reading it.

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    Posted by Dorothy K. on Jan 4th 2023

    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!! I HAVE READ THIS WONDERFUL BOOK AND FOUND IT TO BE VERY ENLIGHTENING!!!!! It was written in 1867 - so there have been many changes to our liturgy since that time - but the EUCHARIST never changes - not since Christ instituted it at the LAST SUPPER. I have purchased many copies of this book to give to my bible study group- and family and friends because I believe every Catholic should read it and benefit from all the truths about the Eucharist that are contained in these pages. I believe the efforts of this holy priest made the Lord smile!!!!!!!!

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    Great Book IMO

    Posted by Deborah D. on Sep 19th 2022

    I am only on the 1st chapter but so far it is a lovely read. Easy to read and understand and on the most important topic there is in the Catholic faith. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and hoping it is as good as what I have read so far.

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    Must Read

    Posted by Carlos C. on Sep 10th 2022

    If every Catholic read this book, there would be no need for a so called Eucharistic Revival

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    This book is a TREASURE.

    Posted by Claudette S. on Jul 14th 2022

    This book is a TREASURE. i purchased extra copies to pass along to others so they can experience the Great Treasure of the Eucharist.

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    The Blessed Eucharist our Greatest Treasure

    Posted by Tony A. on Jun 1st 2022

    Great book ever lukewarm Catholic need to get this book especially now for the National Eucharistic Revival..

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    Great book!

    Posted by Kevin T. on Mar 17th 2022

    A book filled with practical advice and unction! A "must have" in one;s Catholic library!