The Story of Mary Set

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In this beautifully told story of the Church's love of Mary, Phillip Campbell, author of the best-selling Story of Civilization series, immerses children in the Church's Marian piety — scripture, history, theology, devotion, apologetics and more are all covered in this comprehensive introduction to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Walk with Our Lady as she accompanies her son to Calvary, meet wonderful saints who ordered their spiritual lives around the Blessed Mother, and experience wondrous apparitions that have been a source of inspiration to millions. Campbell’s storybook style brings the narrative to life for young readers, taking them back in time and awakening a love and appreciation for Mary's place in the Church's life.

Children will learn about:

  • Symbols and prophecies of Mary in the Old Testament
  • Mary’s life according to the scriptures
  • The beautiful names and titles the Church accords Our Lady
  • The history of Marian devotions such as the Rosary, Brown Scapular, and Miraculous Medal
  • Marian saints and their special love for Our Blessed Mother
  • The stories of Marian apparitions like Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima
  • The Church’s understanding of Mary’s place in our salvation
  • Apologetics for when non-Catholics challenge Marian devotion

Through it all, young readers will see how Mary has remained a constant object of love and a source of devotion for millions of Catholics throughout the centuries—and how she continues to nurture the Church to this day, and lead us all to her Son.

Phillip Campbell
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