The Story of the Church: From Pentecost to Modern Times (Complete Set)

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No nation, institution, empire, or dynasty has helped shape the world more than the Catholic Church. Armies have marched upon one another. Kings have risen and fallen. Ideological and political movements have taken hold of entire continents. Diseases and plagues have ravished millions.

And through it all, Holy Mother Church has endured, standing as the one source of light in a world so often covered by shadows.

In this thrilling narrative, Phillip Campbell, author of the best-selling Story of Civilization series, takes children on a journey through Church history, beginning at Pentecost when Peter and the other apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and preached in the streets of Jerusalem, all the way through the pontificate of John Paul II and into modern times. Campbell’s storybook style brings the narrative to life for young readers, taking them back in time and awakening a love and appreciation for history.

Children will discover:

  • The triumphs and struggles of the early Church
  • The heroic stories of the martyrs
  • An army of saints who witnessed to Christ, including Benedict, Augustine, Francis, Dominic, Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine of Siena, Thomas More, the Little Flower, Maximilian Kolbe, and more.
  • Popes who helped shape Church teaching through encyclicals and councils, including Leo XIII, Pius IX, and John Paul II
  • Crusaders who fought for Christendom
  • Marian apparitions like Guadalupe, Lourdes, and Fatima
  • How events like the Protestant Reformation, the Avignon Papacy, and the Second Vatican Council affected the Church and the world. 

Through it all, young readers will see how the Church remained in the world but not of it, surviving wars, heresies, and the rule of tyrants, and keeping her arms spread ever open to welcome wounded souls into the Body of Christ.

Dramatized Audio Book

Talented voice actor and audio book producer Kevin Gallagher returns to bring children the history of the world in this riveting reading of The Story of the Church: From Pentecost to Modern Times. This follows his immensely popular reading of TAN’s The Story of the Bible. Your children will be transported back in time through the sound effects, music, and voice acting that complement the reading of the text.

Whether looking for entertainment on a long road trip, enhancing the experience of the text, or catering to the needs of a child with a reading disability, this audio dramatization will open up a new world of adventure for kids of all ages.

Streaming Video Lecture Series

In this lecture series, the author of The Story of the Church, Phillip Campbell, leads students on a chapter-by-chapter journey, reviewing the events, characters, and lessons that make up the text. This companion piece to the text is meant to assist parents and allow a hands-off approach to their lesson planning.

In each lecture, students will find:

•  A 10 minute narrative review of each chapter
•  A discussion of key figures
•  Further explanation of historical events
•  Engaging visual aids and graphics
•  A short quiz to test their knowledge

After viewing these lectures, students will be able to turn to their workbooks and test books with confidence!

Streaming videos will be available in the "My Account" area of your account. Buyers of the Complete Set will receive a card with a digital Access Code to add the videos to your account.

Workbook (Suggested for 5th to 8thgrade)

This workbook serves as a companion resource to The Story of the Church: From Pentecost to Modern Times. With this book, students can test their reading comprehension and further educate themselves on the content found in the text.

There are quizzes, writing prompts, crosswords, and wordfinds. Questions for each chapter are suitable as a study exercise or as an objective-answer test. The questions include matching items, multiple choice, and true/false.

About Phillip Campbell

Phillip Campbell holds a B.A. in European History from Ave Maria University and a license in secondary education from Madonna University. He teaches history and economics for Homeschool Connections and is the star of the YouTube program "History in a Minute." Mr. Campbell is the author of the Story of Civilization series and Heroes and Heretics of the Reformation from TAN Books and has self-published several works through his website, Cruachan Hill Press. His writings have also appeared in such publications as the St. Austin Review and the Distributist Review. Mr. Campbell served as Mayor of his hometown of Howell, Michigan, from 2011 to 2015 (the youngest to ever hold the office). He is a regular speaker at homeschool conferences around the United States. Mr. Campbell resides in southern Michigan.

Phillip Campbell
TAN Books
Publication Date:
July 6, 2020
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Complete Set
Chris Pelicano

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Blible Studies - Elementary School

    Posted by Maricel Moviglia on Oct 10th 2023

    A complete history written for children that guides them through pivotal moments of the Church's History in an academic, but also accessible language.

  • 5
    Informative, engaging and balanced historical teaching, tying together the whole series

    Posted by R.Collyer on May 24th 2023

    We have purchased every one of Philip Campbell;s history series. His latest release about church history has been as informational and entertaining as all the rest, which I found surprising. Expecting it to be somewhat dry, I waited until our oldest was in 9th grade to introduce this one. Was I wrong! It ties together the other books in his history series, and just like his other offerings, it is highly engaging no matter what the child;s age. The videos contain different information from the audio and have relevant pictures of the items and people discussed, so I was happy to have bought the entire package. We have used other history programs with our children, but Philip Campbell;s series is their favorite. He has made both teaching and learning easy because the children are so engaged that they remember their history lessons well. This is our favorite history program by far for home-schooling, though we had bought it merely to use on long car trips when it first came out.

  • 5
    Just beautiful

    Posted by Jessica S. on Jan 19th 2023

    Easy to read and fallow! Great material for anyone, middle school and up

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