When the Son Frees You (eBook)

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Is it really possible for a man to change his sexual orientation from "gay" to "straight"? 
Aren’t "gay" men “born this way”? 
With the increasing normalization of homosexuality in our society and even in the Church, is there hope for men who struggle with unwanted homosexual feelings and desires?
When the Son Frees You offers a unique perspective on these questions through the eyes of a faithful Catholic who was almost exclusively sexually attracted to men since his teenage years.
The suffering, pain, and shame of his homosexuality all but consumed A. J. Benjamin . . . until he had a life-changing encounter with the Mother of Jesus.

Through her intercession and following the teachings and practice of the Catholic Church, the wisdom of the saints, and the Theology of the Body of Saint John Paul II, A. J. embarked on a soul-searching journey to freedom and wholeness. Through God’s grace in the sacraments, A. J. found the perfect Man in Jesus Christ and, through the power of His cross, experienced true healing of his disordered desires.
A. J. is now happily married with three children and seeks to spread the Gospel message of hope and freedom to all who struggle with their sexuality. 
This is his journey.

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