The Sacraments (Group Study Edition)

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Some of the most important and necessary building blocks of human life are so often taken for granted: water, air, fire, food . . . We live each day without any sense of gratitude for these blessings that sustain our physical life. And so it is for our spiritual life. The sacraments are the very lifeblood of our soul, yet in the midst of our busy lives, we can fail to understand their power and importance. Without them, we are spiritually dead. With them, the very life of God runs through us.

In this new 8-part program from Saint Benedict Press, the Church’s sacraments are presented in such a way that no viewer will ever again take them for granted. Host Fr. Matthew Kauth brilliantly illuminates not only the scriptural foundation and profound spiritual realities of each sacrament, but also the necessity of each as a means to living a happy and fulfilled life that leads to heaven.

Complementing Fr. Kauth’s teachings, Sacraments includes interviews, profiles, biographies on the saints, scriptural reenactments, and other compelling features to show the power of the sacraments. Filmed on location at some of the most beautiful churches in the country, this groundbreaking program will teach the faithful how vital the sacraments are and inspire intrigue in their profound mysteries. 

Christ told us, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Stop searching for the treasures of this world that only leave your heart empty, but instead, welcome the treasures He is waiting to give you . . . the treasures of His divine life.

Highlights include: 

• How the sacraments are anchored in the life and death of Jesus and are the medium through which He pours His life into our souls
• The purpose, meaning, and symbolism behind the matter of the sacraments
• How Christ administers His sacraments through human hands and what our own role is in receiving them
• An expert dissection of the instrumentality, effects, elements, character, and fruits of each sacrament

Author: Fr. Matthew Kauth, STD
Lecturer: Fr. Matthew Kauth, STD
Lessons: 8 Lessons
Length: 15 minutes (avg)
Publication Date: 2018
1 Parish Streaming License (with no expiration)

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